Pre​-​Mustard EP

by Byron Blocker & The Offbeats

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released February 25, 2011

Byron Blocker - Guitar/Vox
Brian McGee - Drums
Scott Carter - Bass
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Joseph "Bunny" Holiday



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Byron Blocker & The Offbeats California

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Track Name: Cherry On Top
I been shooting dice with God
I kneel up before the Lord
I been up to them Bad Man tricks
And I’m better then I was before
Samson shook that temple down
Jesus brang the wine
Moses fell a little thick at the tongue
And I’m just falling behind

Oh no, what’s in store
A half-drunk girl and vial of cocaine
Oh jeeze, you bring me to my knees
She even told me that the cherry’s on top
Can you believe she said cherry on top?

I’m a man with a vision
A man with the gun stain hand
I hold to tradition
Torch ‘em like the setting sand

Now I’m a man of subtle wit
A wordsmith quick at the draw
But I been cursed with wooden lips
And haunted by the things I saw

I been burning fever Lord
My veins are pumping red
Knuckles bulging white with heat
And this is what I said

Oh no, we moving too slow
Seven states later and a vial of cocaine
Pretty please, ya bring me to my knees
She even told me there’s a cherry on top

I’m moving on
Shame you ain’t moving on
I sing along
Barking that dead dog song
Track Name: Angels Couldn't Save Me
Angels couldn’t save me F-E7-Am
When I been put to the wall
I’ll talk, I’ll confess, I’ll tell you all the rest
I’ll tell you where we buried the bones
It was an early spring evening
They caught me off my guard
They lured the hook with golden dreams of riches
And the pull of the midnight star
I kissed her lips just once
But stabbed her three times more
I dumped her body down by the lake
She sank silently below

I’m coming clean
Got to find some peace
No Loyalties
I blow without the breeze
I’m coming clean
I’ll never lose her midnight scream

Won’t you tell me ‘bout it
Sitting in that jail cell
Won’t you tell me ‘bout
The way you were raised
I write a poem and they’re
Calling me a prophet
Hear her mother calling
For my blood to pay

I’m just a low life with a sense of direction
A bit of talent and some balls
I think you ought reflect on this
Before the sentence and the gavel falls
I’ve clearly found Jesus
As you can see on my neck
I beg the jury pleading won’t you turn the check
I may have cashed my last check
Track Name: A Pirate Song
We stay afloat in our wooden boats
Pushing towards the edge of the world again world again
Raining tides and ships mast brides
The days of Barbados left far behind far behind
And it takes a man more then steam
The tides are turning the kings fowl deeds
The days at hand on shipwrecked sand
The moors and cutthroats beyond command

So we dancing in the moonlight bonfire midnight
Laughing to the sounds of the beast at play
One turn two turn Three turn lock!
Stick him in the irons til the break of day
Farrow out for hindsight jack knife blind side
Barnacles and bastards and birds for prey
Killywags and coddlewogs and drink another bantan
Lift him of his metal til the old boys paid
dancing in the moonlight bonfire midnight
Laughing to the sounds of the beast at play
One turn two turn Three turn lock!
Stick him in the irons til the break of day

A torrent breeze in dead man seas
And ten more tins of ale then tics and fleas
In the parching sun the riff raff gone
The chums left to trail behind the ivory rum
Carcasses and cannibals is all we’ve yet to find
A burned out hut and a broken mast and a rather unsettlin’ sky
Track Name: Echo Park
Well I’m big
And I’m mean
And I’m swinging ten inches in between
You’re damn straight
You’ll clear the way
Cuz I’m the wrath and I’m the sin
And I’m the pain
Let the bones decide
Are you a fair enough love to be my bride
Echoes in the darkness
Lost in Echo Park well after dark
What’s there left say
What’s there left to do
I’m the king of Highland Park
And the barren wastelands too
I’m nothing if insincere
A little cheered by your kiss

Well I’m the bank
Rolling out
I sing my music for half-wit drunken crowd
I’m the man
With Jua’de’vive
I got a stack of seven aces up my sleeve
We’ll let the bones decide
Are you fair enough, love, to be my bride
Echoes in the darkness
Lost in Echo Park well after dark
Grab him by the throat
Kick him in the teeth
Tell me where the money is
Don’t ask me for to live
I’m nothing if not polite
With an evil eye aimed at you

Janey’s in the drink again
Nothing you could do
I feel a little cleaner praying
in the evening rain

I’m nothing if not in love
With your shining eyes Sarah Jane
Track Name: God In The Morning
It was late one Friday and I was walking by myself
I saw this a pretty little girl with that uptown health
She was all legs and eyes and buttermilk thighs
So I slid in close and gave her the eye
I’ll make you mine under disguise
I’ll feed you lines tell you lies of how I’ll stay true
It’s what I do it’s the chase then we’re through
I love you honey now kick off your shoes

Next morning and she just won’t leave
She wants to cook me up some waffles and hang on my sleeve
I got places and things, rather people to do
So I left her in the kitchen wearing just her tattoos

I need you baby to leave
We had fun but you’re kinda creeping me out
I need your body’s release
But I found God in the morning my sense in the daylight
God in the morning and I just don’t feel right
With you around
I gave my life to god and you tempt me too far

You think that’s bad well that’s not half of my game
Told a woman I was gay so she would try and turn me straight
I’ve left ladies at bars, took their keys and their car
I just had to get to Vegas on a streak such as this
Your pretty kiss and that lovely little peach
I tell ya sweetheart they’re well within reach
Two more drinks then I’ll show you my soft side
Maybe we could talk alone, wanna go for a ride?